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On-Campus Support

If you’re a student at the University of Strathclyde or City of Glasgow College, you can access support from us on campus.

When you speak to a support worker on campus, everything you say is confidential and won’t be shared with your university or college. We’ll only share information with a third-party if we think that a child or vulnerable adult is at serious risk of harm.

The Rosey Project is the Support and Prevention programme for young people for Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis (GCRC). When you access on-campus support or any other support services, you’ll speak directly to specialist support workers from GCRC.

Students at the University of Strathclyde

On-campus support service:

Go to Disability and Wellbeing Services
4th floor Mary Dunn Wing, Learning and Teaching Building, Glasgow.

You can also contact GCRC directly by:

Students at City of Glasgow College

On-campus support available every Wednesday:

Drop-in 12pm to 2pm
Morning and afternoon appointments available through a GCRC Support Worker.

Go to Room C.02.104, 2nd floor (next to Student Services),
190 Cathedral Street, Glasgow.

You can also contact GCRC directly by:

Once you’ve made contact, a support worker will get in touch to arrange an appointment.