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What is Consent?

The law and criminal justice system can seem complicated and even scary.

We’ve asked a member of the Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis Advocacy Team to explain the law relating to sexual violence, and to help you understand what it means for girls and young women.

The Advocacy Team help survivors who have reported, or want to report, a sexual assault. They’re specialists who provide support to help people report an incident to the police and when a case is going through the court process.

The Rosey Project was founded by Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis to support and educate young people in our area about sexual violence.


We’ve developed a workshop for young people exploring ‘Sexual Violence and the Law’. Through education, we aim to prevent sexual violence taking place in the first place. If you’re a teacher or youth worker and would like to find out about this and our other workshops, go to our Training and Consultancy page, call 0141 552 3201 and ask for the Rosey Project or email us at:

If you need support, or want to find out more about reporting to the police call our helpline on 08088 00 00 14 or email us at:

You can find more information about Archway Glasgow here.

You can find more information about sexual violence and the law in Scotland here.