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The Fair Play Project

The Fair Play Project is a project run by Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis Prevention and Education team. The Fair Play Project received funding from the National Lottery Community fund in August 2023 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. The Fair Play Project aims to provide training and skill building to end gender-based violence in sporting communities.

The Fair Play Project will provide training to staff in all kinds of sporting communities to be First Responders of gender-based violence which hopes to provide an environment that if any player, fan, worker, or volunteer discloses an experience of gender-based violence, they are supported fully and in line with Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis’ trauma-informed approach.

The Fair Play Project will provide clubs with training and ongoing support to create an active bystander culture so that any signs of concern can be spotted and responded to. One of the main aims of the Fair Play Project is to work with the young people in sporting communities on their understanding of healthy relationships, consent, and attitudes around gender and violence. Ultimately, the Fair Play Project hopes to play its part in battling sexism and misogyny in sports and create sporting environments that are fair and equal for everyone to be a part of whether that’s playing, watching, commentating or volunteering.

So far, the Fair Play Project has worked with the sports unions in both Strathclyde University and University of Glasgow, as well as building landmark partnerships with some of the biggest clubs in Scottish Football – Rangers FC and Partick Thistle FC. The Fair Play Project has built relationships with various community clubs and look forward to a full training and education schedule in the coming months. We have even spoken in Scottish Parliament about the importance of gender-based violence prevention work in sporting communities.

Keep an eye on our Instagram page for the latest on who we are working with: @fair_playproject