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More people are using online platforms to communicate, form relationships and find out about sex.

This can be a great experience for many, but it can make some people vulnerable if a person chooses to abuse it.

We know from speaking to young people that technology has made online sexual violence more common. From the easy availability of pornography to more young people having their personal images shared without their consent, technology is affecting our relationships and attitudes to sex. It’s also making it easier to sexually exploit girls and women for money.

In this video, we look at how young people can navigate the online world to maintain healthy relationships, help tackle commercial sexual exploitation and prevent online sexual violence.


We’ve developed a workshop for young people exploring ‘Online Sexual Violence’. Through education, we aim to prevent sexual violence taking place in the first place. If you’re a teacher or youth worker and would like to find out about this and our other workshops, go to our Training and Consultancy page, call 0141 552 3201 and ask for the Rosey Project or email us at:

Rosey Project view of Commercial Sexual Exploitation

At the Rosey Project, we believe that no man should be able to pay to have sex or abuse a woman. We see this as a form of violence against women. It also creates the myth that women are a product that can be bought and sold. This is harmful for all women and our society who are equally objectified by its acceptance.

Many women who are involved in prostitution are harmed physically, emotionally and psychologically. No woman should go to work with the realistic prospect of being raped, abused or murdered. That’s why we aim to education young people on the harm caused by Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

If you need support, or want to find out more about reporting to the police call our helpline on 08088 00 00 14 or email us at:

You can find more information about the law and sharing nudes without consent here.

Fight the New Drug is a campaign that helps raise awareness of the harm caused by pornography. You can visit their site here.

You can find more sex and body positive websites at Sexual Health Scotland.

If you’re aged between 13 and 25, find out what support is available from LGBT Youth Scotland.

The Mix is the UK’s digital charity for under 25’s. Take a look at its information about sex and dating as a disabled person.

For more information about sexual health, visit NHS Sexwise.

Childline is a charity providing support to young people under the age of 19.