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Consent – talking about sex

Sex should always feel enjoyable and fun. It should be a way of making yourself feel good and the other person feel good too.

One way to do this is to make sure it feels safe. We need consent for any sexual or intimate activity. So, check in with each other often to find out how you’re both feeling – not just at the beginning or afterwards.

Talking about sex isn’t always easy though. It can feel embarrassing and difficult to know where to start. To help you have those potentially uncomfortable conversations, take a look at the ‘Awkward Moments’ website here.

Aimed at young people, the site has lots of videos and information to help you communicate about sex, consent and how to know when a sexual experience is going well. There are also resources on the site for those that work with young people to help you run discussions about consent.

Developed by the NHS and young people in Scotland, including young people at the Rosey Project. We are very proud to support this work and think it is a great resource for talking about sex and consent with more confidence.