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Some of the young people who have had support from the Rosey Project have stayed involved with us through the Rosey Project Community.

They’ve put together four zines about their experiences, each focusing on a different theme. Created by survivors for survivors, they’re unique resources to help others dealing with sexual violence.

The authors of the zines have this message for you:

“This is a journey. One which has no time limit and will have many ups and downs. As survivors of sexual violence and users of the Rosey Project, we understand the importance and benefit of a little support. Sometimes it can feel as though nobody understands what’s happened and sometimes you don’t understand. Coping with sexual violence can be really isolating and scary when you do it alone. So, together we’ve created this resource in the hope that it will help you on this journey. Stories, poems, art and techniques, written by survivors, have all been put together to hopefully help you. Love, RPC x”

To view the zines, click on the links to each one to download the PDFs:

The Melody Report

The Melody Report is an investigation by The Rosey Project Community into the impact of media portrayals of sexual violence on young survivors. Click the link below to download a copy.


These are the first-hand accounts from survivors of rape and sexual assault. They talk about how media statements and reporting make them feel.


This video displays various real headlines that have been printed in the British press, followed by our suggested rewordings. Headlines can often be sensationalist and overly graphic, potentially very triggering for survivors who have not had an opportunity to read a trigger warning.

Framing of cases can also be problematic when it comes to headlines. For example, emphasising perpetrators’ accomplishments or misleading in regards to ages of those involved.

Please consider our proposed changes to these headlines and why we have made such suggestions.