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Websites, podcasts and apps


Self-help guides from the NHS


Wellbeing guides

Disrepect Nobody website

Action Scotland Against Stalking (ASSA)



For information about sexual violence:

For body-positive content that makes you feel good about yourself, we recommend:

For tips and ideas around mental health and how to cope, we recommend:

For great feminist and LGBTQ+ content, we recommend:

For information around sex and relationships, we recommend:


The Guilty Feminist – feminist comedy podcast

Happy Place – Fearne Cotton talks to different people about what makes them happy

Grownupland – a podcast for young people about navigating the world

Nancy – features a range of topics about the LGBTQ+ experience

Men on the Scene – about men and masculinity

Swoon – a sex and relationships therapist


Anxiety Free: Self-hypnosis techniques to help lessen stress and anxiety

Blue Ice: Selps young people to manage their emotions and reduce self-harm

Calm: Guided meditations and help with sleep

Calm Harm: A free app for when you are emotionally distressed

Catch it: Learn how to manage negative thoughts

Chill Panda: Measures your heart rate and suggests breathing techniques or light exercises to help with stress

Cove: Create music to help express how you feel

DistRACT: A free app that provides help with self-harm and suicidal thoughts

EQuoo: A game about emotional fitness

For Me: A free app from Childline with online counselling, advice and message boards

Grid diary: A simple way to journal, with questions and prompts

Happify: Activities and games for stress and anxiety

Headspace: Meditation and mindfulness techniques (highly rated)

Ieso: Connect with trained therapists through online messaging

Insight Timer: Free meditation app

MeeTwo: A safe forum for teenagers where you can get advice on mental health concerns from experts and other teens

Mind Shift: Designed for young adults to help with panic attacks and anxiety

Mindful Gnats: Helps young people develop mindfulness and relaxation skills

Moodtrack Social Diary: Track your moods and chat anonymously

Mood GYM: Designed to help young people with low mood

My Possible Self: Learn to manage stress and anxiety and challenge unhelpful thinking

Naturespace: Sounds for relaxing, meditating, sleeping and resting

Pacifica: Helps to manage stress, anxiety and depression (highly rated)

Recovery Record: A companion for recovery from eating disorders

Relax Melodies: Relaxing sounds and white noise for meditation, yoga and relaxation

Relax Sounds: Nature and ambient melodies

Sleepio: An online sleep improvement programme

Sleep Time: Sleep analysis and alarm clock with relaxing sounds to sleep and wake to

Smiling Mind: Mindfulness meditation

Stop, Breathe & Think: Recommends guided meditations, yoga and acupressure videos (highly rated)

Stress and Anxiety Companion: Breathing exercises, relaxing music and games.

TalktoFrank: Honest information about drugs

Thrive: Use games to track your mood, and learn how to manage it

Worry Tree: Notice, manage and record your worries

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