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Child protection

We are committed to ensuring that all young people are protected from further harm. Our Child Protection Policy ensures that confidentiality is only kept when a young person is not at risk.

We’ve strict rules around your confidentiality but there are some circumstances where we might need to tell someone else something that you tell us.

We’ve detailed why this might happen below.

Our policy is that everything that’s said by survivors needing support remains totally confidential within the organisation, with the exceptions of concern about child welfare, protection of adults at risk, where action has been taken to commit suicide or where we’re receiving repetitive prank/abusive calls.

If you’re a child or young person at risk (this may include suicidal thoughts or serious self-harming behaviours) then it’s the choice of the caller/survivor requiring support if they continue. If we do need to speak to someone about a concern we will keep you fully informed throughout the whole process.

All matters are confidential within the organisation unless a child or young person is at risk. Our workers and volunteers aren’t allowed to promise to keep information to themselves.

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